Our Mission

Planet Earth is a pretty awesome place to be, and we’d like to help keep it that way. Our mission is to stop quality food from ending up in a landfill by providing the public access to affordable meals while helping participating restaurants increase their bottom lines.

Facts About Food Waste

  • 1.3B US tons of food are wasted each year (globally)
  • The 5 biggest global food wasters, biggest listed first: USA, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada.
  • Food waste accounts for approximately ⅓ of all food produced (annually, globally)
  • The average Western consumer wastes about 220lbs/year


Restaurants can sign up to receive our free web application. As a participating restaurant, you’ll receive all kinds of benefits: added sustainability branding, free market exposure to new customers, an increased bottom line, and of course - you’ll be saving the environment! Help change the way we look at leftovers, list your surplus inventory today.

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